Lightweight High Accuracy Baby Infrared Forehead Thermometer Handheld Digital LED Screen Temperature Measurement Device

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Lightweight High Accuracy Baby Infrared Forehead Thermometer Handheld Digital LED Screen Temperature Measurement Device

Measuring distance: 1~5cm. It means that there no need to direct contact with baby’s skin to avoid cross-infection.
High-precision sensor and imported infrared probe can automatic temperature measurement, make sure the range of error is 0.2
Intelligent backlight reminding. It have three-color backlight: green, red, yellow. When it show green back-light, indicating the measured value falls below 37.5℃; When it show red back-light, explaining the measured value is higher than or equal to 38.5℃ or below 43℃; When it show yellow back-light,demonstrating the measured value is higher than or equal to 37.5℃ but below 38.5℃. You can take care of your baby according to different temperature.
The smart memory clip can store 32 sets of temperature value automatically, and memory curve will be came into being, which will help you to observe the babys healthy condition.
If there is no any operation after you finish the measurement,the appliance will be powered-off after 8 seconds automatically
With digital LED screen, you can watch the measured value clearly, even elder people can see it distinctly.
Lightweight and portable. You can take it no matter where you want to go, so it is no need to worry about there is no thermometer that can be used in the field.
Two temperature scale can be convert: ℃ and ℉,so it can be used in America and some other English speaking countries.
Alarm threshold setting. If the body temperature exceeds temperature alarm point(default value is 38℃, but you can set it by your self) , three short Bi, Bi, Bi”sounds will be given out.
Hint of less electricity. When the battery voltage is lower than 2.51v, power shortage icon will flash ,which mean that you should replace the battery.

The thermometer is non waterproof, so please wash it with dry clean cloth.
Please dont be used thermometer under the sunshine or water.
Please use this thermometer in an environment with stable temperature, if the temperature of environment varied greatly, please put it in ten minutes and use it.
Please keep the sensor and probe clean, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of temperature value.

Material: ABS
Power supply: 2*AA batteries (Not include)
Temperature range: 0~80object mode),32~42.9(human body mode)
Measuring duration: about 1 second
Measuring distance: 1~5cm
Display: Digital LED display
Size: 16.7*9.2*3.8cm
Net weight: 94g
Color: Purple

Package Content:
1 x Baby infrared forehead thermometer
1 x User manual(English)

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