Baby Kid Thermometer Reusable Toddler Forehead Temperature Test Head Strip Flexible Thermometer 10PCS

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Baby Kid Thermometer Reusable Toddler Forehead Temperature Test Head Strip Flexible Thermometer 10PCS

This kind of baby thermometer made from PET environmental-friendly material, non-toxic and side effect.
Flexible, not easy to break, convenient for you to bring. What’s more, it can be reused, making you take care of the baby’s body healthy situation whenever and wherever.
Direct reading. The thermometer is adopted with liquid crystal printing technology, indicated the tested temperature by different colors. If it is shown green, indicates the temperature is normal.
This thermometer can measure temperature quickly and accurately.
Compared with mercurial thermometer, this kind of thermometer can be stored and used easily.

Please use this thermometer at room temperature 21~23℃ and 70~74℉.
Don’t place it under the sun.
If you find the thermometer don’t change color, it is suggested you should place it into the refrigerator(Not freezing chamber)for 30 minutes.

Material: PET
Measure temperature range: 35~40℃ and 95~104℉
Measure temperature precision: ±0.8℃
Applicable people: Baby
Applicable body part: Head
Color: Black
Size: 8.8*2cm(L*W)
Weight: 12g

Package content:
10 x Baby thermometer
1 x User manual(English)
Pack in bubble bag, no box