Baby Bath Mat Sponge Mat Non-slip Sponge Mat Bath Mat for Baby

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Product Features:
1. Give away: No matter how many bath mats have you bought, you will get two cute little bear model bath brushes with random color for each bath mat. The more you buy, the more you will get.
2. Every bath mat is packed up by transparent OPP plastic bag which is environment friendly and sanitary.
3. This product is applicable for baby bath to support baby's head, neck and back. And the sponge bath mat is very soft, smooth and fine, non-slip, which gives baby more comfort when bathing. It can not only be used solely at the time of baby bathing, but also can be put in bath tub. In addition, little babies can lie down on this mat, and big babies can sit on it, while babies are 0 - 6 years old.
4. Notes: The water level must under the sponge mat, and pay attention to the temperature of water, don't pour hot water on sponge mat directly. Nor can you put baby onunmanned area even for a short time. Furthermore, please immerse it into water before using when baby bathing. In addition, after using, please remember to clean out the inner bubbles with fresh water and dry for next use. Thank you for your cooperation.
5. This soft and non-slip bath mat is a great helper for every family with baby.Product
Material: Super high quality sponge